You can contact me on linkedin or via email - pdns /guesswhat/ daloo.de.

Search doesnt work in scripts

Recently a number of scripts started using the service and it broke the poor little server it is running on. Please get in touch with me to figure out a solution. Until then I will try to block automated scripts from accessing the service. I apologize, but I feel that it is better to keep the service running for everyone than having only some scripts use it...


Because I was bored at work and often required access to a passive DNS database and found them all closed. The main source of DNS entries is certstream.

Is there an API?

Yes, but it is not finished and documented, yet

How to use it?

You can simply search on the website or point your DNS resolver against me. For example 'dig google.de @' will add the google.de entries to the database

Some data does not show up?

It may be that the server did not see the data or process it fast enough. It may take time. I also do cache on the http server side, so it may take up to 60 minutes.

How can I download the database?

This is something I am working on right now. The main issue is limited CPU, I/O and bandwidth. If you have an idea, drop me an email at pdns /guesswhat/ daloo.de


Alex, I do random stuff. I combine many Dilbert figures inside me.

On what hardware are you running?

Initially a VPS at Hetzner.de (CX10, then CX20) for 4,xx EUR per month (had to upgrade, because of disk space). The 2nd smallest. 2GB RAM, 2 vCPU.
Now a VPS M SSD from Contabo.de (8,99 per month for 300GB SSD, 12GB RAM, 4 cores). The software is mainly MariaDB, C, PHP and some HTML/CSS/JS. I plan to open source it, once I cleaned it up.

Crawlers / automatic lookup / embedding in your projects

Some people have been crawling the data, embedding it and using it for automated lookup. Its cool, I like the hacker attitude :) Unfortunatelly some have been using it so heavy that ressource usage went up to a degree where the operation was no longer possible, so I have added some controls. You can contact and we can talk about it if thats an issue.

Current database is 133848.14 MB. Server load: 0.41